Version branch management

In the Administration Console, manage version branches to define, change, and delete valid version branch names in a base database.

About version branch names

A valid version branch name is a permitted branch that users can select when performing a command that assigns a version to a new item revision.

In the Version Branch Names section of the Administration Console, define valid version branches so that you can then make them available to a specific project using the desktop client, web client, command-line interface, or ISPF client. When users add, check out, revise, or edit a revision from the project, they are allowed to select a version branch.

For a stream, a single branch name is assigned and used for all new item revisions in the stream. When you create a stream, you can either assign an existing branch name or create a new branch.

For projects, the use of version branch names is optional. For streams, every stream must have a branch name.

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Guidelines for managing version branches

The following rules and guidelines apply to version branches:

  • To manage version branch names, you need the Manage Version Branch Definitions privilege.

  • To manage version branch names, you need to be in the ADMIN group or have the Product Manager role.

  • You cannot delete a version branch name that is used to label any item pedigree trees.

    To delete a currently used version branch name, you can use the Remove Version Branch (RMVB) command with the /FORCE qualifier. For details, see Command-Line Reference.

  • If you have installed the separately licensed Dimensions CM Replicator, for branch details specific to Replicator, see Administration.

To open the Version Branch Names section, go to Administration Console > Configuration Object Management > Version branch names. For details, see Version Branch Names main window.

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