Manage server application pool

The Dimensions CM server offers an advanced pooling feature for Dimensions CM application servers. Server pooling manages connection requests from Dimensions CM clients.

For details on how the server pooling configuration may benefit performance, see Server configurations.

Server pooling parameters

Server pooling is automatically invoked when Dimensions CM starts up and stopped on shutdown. It runs with various default parameters, which for many users is adequate.

You can configure the pool manager by specifying the following parameters:

  • The service name (or the TCP/IP port number) to be used for listening to client requests.

  • The number of application servers to be created when the pool manager is first started up.

  • The minimum and maximum number of application servers allowed in the pool.

  • The timeout period for an idle application server to be returned back to the pool.

The server utility refreshpoolconfig is also available to reread any new changes to the configuration parameters.

The utility getpoolstats is available to obtain pool status information.

You set the server pooling parameters in the listener.dat listener configuration file. This is a text file containing a series of parameters in the following format:

-<param> <param-value>

For a complete list of listener parameters, see the section on configuring Dimensions CM server pooling in Administration.

For instructions on how to update server polling on UNIX or Windows, see the section on invoking Dimensions server pooling in Administration.

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