Change mapped providers

You can change request providers assigned to specific projects and streams in your Dimensions CM database.

To remap request providers:

  1. In the Administration Console, go to Database Management > Request providers.
  2. In the Request Providers toolbar, select Stream/Project Mapping to view mapped providers for a project or stream.
  3. Change request providers at the database, product, or project/stream level.

    Whole database In the side navigation pane, select <All streams and projects>.
    Product In the side navigation pane, select a product's node.
    Project/stream In the side navigation pane, expand the product's node and select a project or stream.

    Products inherit mapped providers from the database, and projects/streams inherit mappings from the database and the parent product.

  4. In the content pane, in the Mapped Providers section, click Change mapped providers .

  5. Select provider instances to supply requests to the projects/streams. You can select multiple request providers of different types.

    Move these providers from the Available requests providers list to Mapped requests providers.

    To remove the assigned providers, move them from the Mapped requests providers list back to Available requests providers.

    Note: You cannot remove inherited request providers.

    SHIFT+click to select a range of instances. CTRL+click to select multiple non-consecutive instances.

  6. Click OK.

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