Use external requests

This section explains how to use requests from different request providers mapped to Dimensions CM.

For details on how to connect request providers, see Configure request providers.

When using requests from several providers, reference request IDs in the following format:

Requests Format
External requests


For example: OCTANE01:US12345

Dimensions CM requests


For example: QLARIUS_TASK_12345

For details about working with request providers, see the following topics:

Topic Description
Authenticate to Jira How to register your Atlassian Jira credentials and log in to a Jira instance from Dimensions CM clients.
Select SBM reports Specify which SBM reports to display in your Dimensions CM client.
View and manage requests from multiple providers How to work with both external and native requests in Dimensions CM clients.
Create request filters Web client: How to create filters to group requests from different providers, based on you selection criteria.
Find external requests Desktop client: How to find issues and tasks from mapped providers, using advanced search criteria.

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