Find external requests

Desktop client: You can search for external requests based on their general details and object relationships.

If you use Dimensions CM requests, see Find requests.

To find external requests:

  1. In the desktop client, select Edit > Find > Requests, and select an external request provider. The Find External Request dialog box opens.

  2. On the General tab, enter the general details to search for.

    Note: Fields are not case-sensitive. Wildcards are not supported.

    Field Description
    Any text field (Optional) Enter a word, phrase, or any text string that a request must contain in any of its fields.
    ID (Optional) Enter the request ID, for example, US12345.
    Title (Optional) Enter a word, phrase, or any text string that a request's title must contain.
    Type (Optional) Specify the request type, for example, User Stories. The request types are defined in your request provider instance.
    Status (Optional) Enter the request status, for example, New.
    Author (Optional) Enter the ID of the user who created the request.
    Owner (Optional) Enter the ID of the user who owns the request.
  3. To specify request relationships, select the Relationships tab. For details, see the Relationships tab.

    Note: External requests cannot be related to requests, design parts, and requirements.

  4. To view the list of requests that meet your search criteria, select the Find Now tab.

  5. In the Find Now list, select one or more requests. SHIFT+click to select a range of requests. CTRL+click to select multiple non-consecutive requests.

  6. Click Open.

    The requests are listed in the desktop client's content window. The content pane on the right displays information about related objects.

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