Authenticate to Jira

Prerequisite: Add Jira as a request provider. For details, see Configure Jira provider.

The first time you use Jira issues in a Dimensions CM client, you need to log in to Jira, so that Dimensions CM can use your credentials to access your Jira inbox.

Access Jira from Dimensions CM clients

Log in to the Jira instance to allow Dimensions CM the access to your Jira inbox.

GUI clients

In clients with a graphical user interface, a wizard guides you through the authentication steps:

  • Web client and desktop client.
  • Windows Explorer, Eclipse, and Visual Studio integrations.
Command-line clients In the command-line clients, such as dmcli and the Git Client, use a Jira URL to authenticate. dmcli also supports the AUTH command for basic authentication. For details, see Authenticate to Jira using the command line.
Git Client IDE plugins

To use Jira requests in the Git Client IDE plugins, for example, IntelliJ IDEA, first log in to Jira from any Dimensions CM client.

Note: Re-enter your Jira credentials if they are invalidated, for example, when a connection token is revoked or expires, or when an administrator changes the configuration of a Jira integration causing credentials to be cleaned up.

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Login methods

Depending on how the Jira integration is configured, you can use basic and/or OAuth authentication.

Basic authentication

Jira Server (on-premises): Enter a username and password.

Jira Cloud: Enter an email and the API token generated for the account in Jira.

OAuth authentication

OAuth authentication is identical to logging in to Jira in a browser, with an additional prompt to check that you trust Dimensions CM to access Jira.

We recommend using OAuth, as it is more secure than basic authentication.

Web client and desktop client

You can log in to Jira directly from the web client and desktop client. For example, you may want to change the authentication method, use a different API token, or use a different Jira account.

Web client Open the Requests view and select Log in to Jira on the toolbar.
Desktop client In the menu bar, select Tools > Log in to Jira.

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