Dimensions CM licensing

To manage Dimensions CM licenses, you need the OpenText™ AutoPass License Server (APLS). This topic explains how to set up and work with APLS.

Note: Dimensions CM no longer supports licensing with SLM.

Step 1: Set up AutoPass

To manage licenses in Dimensions CM, install and configure the AutoPass License Server (APLS).

To install and set up APLS:

  1. Download the AutoPass License Server files from the ITOM Marketplace (requires login).

    For details about supported versions, see the Support Matrix.

  2. Run the installer for your platform.

  3. Open the APLS web interface and configure the server. For details, see the AutoPass License Server help.

Alternatively, you can set up APLS as a Docker image. For details, see the Docker help.

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Step 2: Configure for AutoPass

By default, APLS is set up to accept connections via HTTPS only. After you install APLS, configure Dimensions CM to use AutoPass.

Note: You can install Dimensions CM with an evaluation option which is valid for 30 days and doesn't require additional configuration. Select the evaluation option during installation, or specify the DM_LICENSE variable in the server's dm.cfg configuration file: DM_LICENSE EVAL

After the evaluation period expires, you need to upgrade to a full license and configure Dimensions CM to use AutoPass.

If installing APLS on the same machine as Dimensions CM, you can use the sample localhost certificate. To use APLS on a remote machine, you need to configure APLS with a signed SSL certificate.

To use AutoPass on the same machine as Dimensions CM:

Clean Dimensions CM installation

When running the installation, accept the default license server URL:


For installation details, see Install Dimensions CM.

Dimensions CM upgrade

To upgrade:

  1. Open the dm.cfg configuration file on the Dimensions CM server and edit the DM_LICENSE variable:

    DM_LICENSE https://localhost:5814/autopass

  2. In the dm.cfg configuration file, set the variable DM_SSL_TRUST_CERTS_FILE to the following value:

    DM_SSL_TRUST_CERTS_FILE %DM_DFS%/sample_cacerts.pem

    If the variable is not set, add it to the file.

    If the variable is already set, merge the sample_cacerts.pem file with the current certificate file.

  3. Restart the Dimensions CM listener service.

To use AutoPass on a remote machine:

  1. Obtain a signed SSL certificate and install it on the APLS server. For details, see the AutoPass License Server help.

  2. Copy the content of the APLS SSL certificate and add it to the cacerts.pem file located in the %DM_ROOT%/dfs folder.

    The .pem file is a text file that contains multiple BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE sections.

  3. Open the dm.cfg configuration file on the Dimensions CM server. Then add or edit the variable DM_SSL_TRUST_CERTS_FILE:

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    DM_SSL_TRUST_CERTS_FILE %DM_DFS%/cacerts.pem

For more information on configuring and validating SSL certificates, see the validating SSL certificates section in Administration.

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Step 3: Obtain license

To obtain a Dimensions CM license, you need the AutoPass Lock Code.

To obtain a license:

  1. Get the AutoPass Lock Code.

    1. In the APLS web interface, navigate to License > Install.

    2. Copy the alpha-numeric value displayed in the Lock Code field.

  2. Visit the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) portal (requires login) and use the Lock Code to generate a license key.

    For details, see the Knowledgebase article KM000005202.

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Step 4: Install license

After configuring the AutoPass License Server (APLS) and obtaining a license key, install the license in APLS.

To install a license:

  1. Open the APLS web interface.

  2. Navigate to License > Install.

  3. Add the license key file you obtained from the SLD portal. For details on installing licenses, see the AutoPass License Server help.

If you use named licenses, you can assign them to specific users manually or enable APLS to distribute named licenses automatically. For details, see Step 5: Assign licenses.

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Step 5: Assign licenses

You can enable AutoPass to automatically assign named licenses to any new user who accesses Dimensions CM.

Before configuring automatic registration, you need to set up the APLS username and password.

To assign named licenses automatically:

  1. On a licensed Dimensions CM server, edit the dm.cfg configuration file to add this variable:

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  2. As the Dimensions CM administrator, register the DM_LICENSE_USER password in the dmpasswd utility:

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    dmpasswd DM_LICENSE_USER –add

To assign named licenses manually in the APLS web interface, see the AutoPass License Server help.

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View license information

You can view license usage, expiry dates, capacity, and sharing details in the APLS web interface.

To view license information:

1. Open the APLS web interface.

2. Navigate to Usage and Report > License Usage. The page displays an overview of license types.

3. To view the usage for a particular license, click the license type.

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