Add projects to your workspace

To work on a project or stream that already exists in the Dimensions CM repository, add the project to your local Eclipse workspace.

To add one or more projects from an Eclipse project container, select a location outside your Eclipse workspace that can be shared with other Dimensions CM clients, such as the desktop client.

To add repository projects to an Eclipse workspace or shared work area:

  1. From the Dimensions menu, select Dimensions CM Explorer.
  2. Log in to a Dimensions CM repository or add a new connection.
  3. In Dimensions CM Explorer, select any of the following:

    • A project in Single Eclipse Projects. The Eclipse project name is taken from the .project file or from the metadata.

    • One or more projects in Eclipse Project Containers.

    • An existing project under Eclipse Project Groups. This adds all of the child projects to your workspace. The Eclipse project name is taken from the .project file or from the metadata.

    • A project or baseline under Other Baselines or Other Projects. If there is not a project file a name is generated from product_projectid for the new Eclipse project. You can change the automatically generated name.

  4. Right-click, and select Add to Workspace. The wizard prompts you through the process of adding existing streams and projects to your Eclipse workspace.

  5. If you are adding an Eclipse project container:

    • To add all of the child projects to your workspace, select Nested Eclipse projects and click Next. Select the projects that you want to add to your workspace, click Next, and proceed to step 6.

    • To choose how to add the project to Eclipse, select Project container, click Next, and proceed to the next step.

  6. Select one of the options:

    Add and configure the project using the Eclipse New Project wizard

    Enables you to specify a project type and name, the default location, working sets, and referenced projects.

    Click Finish and use the New Project wizard to add the project.

    Add as project

    Enables you to add the entire project or stream as an Eclipse project. Not available for shared Eclipse projects or streams that have a .project file generated by Eclipse.

    Select a project from the list and click Next.

  7. To change the default location, clear the option Use default workspace location and enter the path to the shared location, for example, an existing work area compatible with Eclipse and other projects. If you specify a new location, a new compatible work area is created.

    To add a single project, check that the path concludes with the correct offset of the project in the Dimensions CM project or stream.

    To add multiple projects, the location is the root location. All projects are located at their offsets relative to this location.

    Note: Local paths relative to the work area location match the offsets in the Dimensions CM project or stream. If there is a preexisting compatible work area above this location, the location is automatically adjusted to match.

  1. Click Finish.

Considerations and behaviors:

  • Dimensions CM for Eclipse checks to ensure the correct configuration.

  • Error messages are generated in the following cases:

    • Work areas already exist that are not associated with the Dimensions CM project or stream from which the Eclipse project is being added.

    • Multiple preexisting work areas reside above the project location.

  • You cannot add to the workspace if either of these conditions occurs.

  • You can set the location to the root of a drive on Windows or the root folder on Linux, but we strongly recommend that you do not choose a drive root.

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