Browse the repository in Eclipse

You can browse the contents of a Dimensions CM repository inside the Eclipse IDE and view the files and folders in streams and projects.

In the repository browser, you can:

  • View the tip version or previous versions.

  • View the code in each file.

  • Add review comments to files. Comments are attached to that version of the file and are displayed on any associated Review pages.

To browse streams and projects in a Dimensions CM repository:

  1. Dimensions CM Explorer: Right-click a stream or project and select Open Repository Browser.

    Package Explorer: Right-click a Java project and select Team > Open Repository Browser.

    The browser opens in a new view, displaying the contents of the latest changeset.

  2. Navigate to a folder or file to view its contents.

  3. To view the contents of a file without the color-coded syntax, click Raw.

  4. To browse the entire contents of a previous changeset, select the History tab, select a changeset, and click View at Version.

  5. On the Content tab, browse the files and folders in the changeset.

  6. To go to the tip of the stream or project, click View at Tip.

The repository browser is an embedded version of PulseUno’s Code view.

For details about PulseUno, see PulseUno.

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