Change the source control connection

In Eclipse, you can change the connection from one source control project to another. This changes the Dimensions CM project to which the Eclipse project is mapped, enabling you to work with other contributors’ projects or streams.

Note: This functionality is not available for streams.

Changing the connection does not change the workspace files to match the contents of the new mapping. To change the files, you need to synchronize with the repository. For details, see Synchronize with a Dimensions CM repository.

To change the source control connection:

  1. Select Window > Show View > Package Explorer.

  2. In Package Explorer, right-click the project, and select Team > Switch to Project/Baseline. The Switch dialog box opens.

  3. Select Find and then Project or Baseline.

    Click Find to search for a specific project or baseline. If you choose a project container you can select a contained project from the Contained Project list.

    Or browse to find the project or baseline.

  4. Click Finish.

This option allows to switch multiple Eclipse projects in one operation, provided the projects share an Eclipse project container on the same connection.

Only one Eclipse project can be switched at one time. If you select multiple Eclipse projects, they switch to the corresponding Eclipse project in the new project. If there is no corresponding Eclipse project, they are not switched.

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