Install Dimensions CM for Eclipse

This topic provides guidelines for installing and upgrading Dimensions CM for Eclipse.

Before you install

Before installing the integration, ensure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Uninstall any previous versions of the Eclipse integration.

  • A supported version of Eclipse is installed on the client machine where you plan to install Dimensions CM for Eclipse. For supported versions, see Integrations.

  • You can connect to at least one Dimensions CM server.

  • Your supported version of Eclipse runs on Java 8 or later.

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Upgrade from Dimensions CM 10.x

When upgrading projects from Dimensions CM versions 10.x, you do not need to perform any migration steps.

To ensure that your Dimensions CM metadata is current, we recommend that you start fresh with all new local workspaces.

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Install the integration

You can install the Eclipse integration from an update site hosted by the Dimensions CM server. You can use the same method to install Appcelerator Titanium Studio into Eclipse.

You can also install the integration manually or silently. For instructions, see Install Dimensions CM.

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