Check in files

In the Visual Studio IDE, you can check in files to a Dimensions CM repository.

When you check in a file, by default a read-only workfile is left in the workfile location, and the revision is checked in to the Dimensions CM repository.

If you are using optimistic source control, Dimensions CM updates the revision of the file that you originally checked out. If another user has checked in conflicting changes to the file since you originally checked it out, you are prompted to merge the conflicting changes, or overwrite the repository version with your changes.

To check in files:

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the files, projects, or solution that you want to check. Right-click and select Check In.
  2. In the Upload Changes dialog box, select or deselect files to refine the list of files to check in.

  3. On the Comment tab, enter a description of the changes that you made to the files. Optionally, reuse a previous comment by selecting it from the list under the Comment field.

  4. On the Options tab, set the following options as needed:

    Option Details
    Check out posted changes To check the files back out after check-in is complete.
    Make files read-only To set the local files to read-only after the upload is complete.
    Overwrite conflicting changes To check in the new versions of the files even if another user has checked in conflicting changes.
    Undo checkout if unmodified To cancel the check-in and undo the checkout status for any files that are no different locally than they are in the Dimensions CM repository.
  5. To compare a file to the file in the repository, select the file and click Compare. A merge tool opens.

  6. Click Next.
  7. If needed, select requests to relate to the new revisions. Click Next.
  8. On the Item Attributes page, you can set attributes for the files you are checking in. Select the files and then choose a role section to display all available attributes. Set the attributes as needed, and click Finish.

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