Deliver changes to a stream

In the Visual Studio IDE, deliver local work to Dimensions CM to add new and updated files to Dimensions CM.

Ideally, no conflicts result because you are the only person working on the files that you have changed.

To deliver changes to a Dimensions CM stream:

  1. Select a project in Solution Explorer.
  2. On the toolbar, click Deliver. Alternatively, select File > Source Control > Deliver. The Deliver wizard opens.

    The Deliver from this Work Area field is populated with the work area root. If you select a subfolder, its path is highlighted.

  3. If you select a work area that is not associated with a stream, select a stream in the Deliver Changes to This Stream field.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. (Optional) To deliver only specific files or folders, enter wildcard filters for including or excluding files. For details, see Include and exclude files and folders.

  6. Select the local changes to include in the delivery, such as additions, deletions, modifications, and moves/renames.
  7. If you have defined ignore rules but want to skip them for this delivery, select Disable restrictions from the .dmignore file. Click Next.
  8. If no conflicts occur, the next window displays the differences between your local work area and the repository. Continue to the next step.

    If conflicts are found, the delivery is stopped. Perform an update and resolve conflicts before proceeding with a delivery.

    A list of changes is displayed, including each revision’s work area file name, change type, and the conflict type and default resolution (if applicable).

  9. (Optional) In the Default Options panel, change the defaults used when an item revision is delivered to the repository:

    Option Details
    Comment Enter the default comment for any new item revisions that are created.
    Relate to request(s) Specify one or more default requests to be related in response to any new item revisions that are created.
    Design part for new files Select the part specification for the owning design part for new items created in this work area (unless overridden by any values set for a folder under the root folder in this work area).
    Permissions after deliver Select Make read only or Keep unchanged for the permissions to be set on a file after uploading to the repository.
    Expand substitution variables Select Yes or No.
  10. (Optional) In the Selection Options panel, change the defaults for each item revision that you select.

  11. If you are deleting a revision, from the Removal Scope list select an option, such as delete all the item revisions from the stream. There are some restrictions, for example, you cannot delete a revision from a baseline or a revision that is related to an active request.

  12. To view the changes made to a revision, right-click and select View.

  13. Click Deliver.

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