Resolve conflicts between files

Before you can deliver local changes to the Dimensions CM repository using the Visual Studio IDE, you must resolve any conflicts between your local versions of the files and the versions already in the repository.

Conflicts can occur if other users have delivered new versions since you last updated your work area.

To resolve conflicts:

  1. You may not be aware of the conflicts until you have attempted to deliver local files to the repository. Attempt a delivery if you are not sure. Dimensions warns you of conflicts if any are detected.

  2. Update your work area with the latest files from the stream in Dimensions. When you do this, resolve any conflicts. For example, you may choose to merge conflicting local files with the versions that you are updating from the repository.

  3. After you have successfully updated your work area and resolved or merged conflicting files, the files in your working area are the new, conflict-free versions. Try to deliver your local files to Dimensions again. This uploads the resolved versions of the files to Dimensions without further conflicts.

Caution: In certain cases, when you merge items, the merged files may appear as having been moved. If this occurs, reopen the solution from source control to correctly display the merged file locations.

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