Associate RM baselines/collections with CM projects/streams

After you associate RM projects with CM products, next associate one or more Dimensions RM baselines or collections to one or more Dimensions CM projects or streams.

Prerequisite: Associate RM projects with CM products

Set associations between RM baselines/collections and CM projects/streams

To link CM requests to RM requirements, you need to associate RM baselines/collections to CM projects/streams. When you add a requirement to, or remove a requirement from, an RM container, Dimensions CM is notified with the relevant information.

Note: Parent Dimensions RM baselines or collections cannot be associated with Dimensions CM projects or streams.

To perform the association:

  1. As an administrator, log in to the Dimensions RM web browser:


    Provide the following details:

    1. Specify the Dimensions RM username, for example, dmsys, and the corresponding password.

    2. Specify the Dimensions RM database connection string for the database.

    3. Click the down arrow next to the Project field to populate it with the available Dimensions RM projects for the above choices.

    4. Select the Dimensions RM project. This needs to be a project that is associated with one or more Dimensions CM products.

      Note: If you receive an Oracle ORA-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed error, see Troubleshooting.

  2. Click Containers in the navigation bar and select Manage Containers. The Manage Containers dialog box opens.

  3. Select the baseline or collection to link to a Dimensions CM project/stream, and click the Associate Project link.

    Note: After the association is complete, the Associate Project link is displayed as disabled. The link is enabled only if the following conditions are satisfied:

    • You logged in using LDAP, or you used the same username and password to log in to both Dimensions RM and Dimensions CM.

    • You are successfully logged in to a Dimensions CM server during the Dimensions RM login.

    • The Dimensions RM web server has the Dimensions CM client installed.

    • You have the Link Requirement to Dimensions Project and Associate to a Dimensions Project permissions.

      If the first three conditions are not satisfied, "<Error connecting to Dimensions>" is displayed in the Dimensions CM Project column.

      For details about the administrative tasks, see the Dimensions RM Administrator's Guide.

  4. In the Associate CM Project dialog box, select a Dimensions CM product from the Products list.

    The left-hand Projects list is populated with the Dimensions CM projects/streams available for association with the selected Dimensions RM baseline or collection.

  5. Establish the associations between CM projects and RM baselines or collections:

    1. In the Projects list on the left, select one or more Dimensions CM projects/streams to associate with the Dimensions RM baseline or collection. Click to select a single item. CTRL+click to select multiple non-consecutive items. SHIFT+click to select consecutive items.

    2. Click the right arrow button > to move your selections to the Projects list on the right. To move all items, click the forward button >>.

    3. Check the Dimensions CM projects/streams in the right-hand Projects list. If needed, move the projects/streams back by clicking the left arrow button <. To move all the items back, click the backward button <<.

    4. Click OK to create the associations.

      The Associate CM Project dialog box opens with the new associations displayed in the Dimensions CM Projects/Baselines column.

  6. Repeat steps 3–5 for more associations.

  7. (Optional )To disassociate CM projects/streams from an RM baseline or collection:

    1. Repeat steps 3–4.

    2. In step 5, move the appropriate Dimensions CM projects/streams from the right-hand Projects list back to the list on the left using the left arrow < or backward << buttons.

    3. Click OK to remove the associations.

      The Associate CM Project dialog box opens with the old associations removed from the Dimensions CM Projects/Baselines column.

  8. Click Close and log out of the Dimensions RM web browser.

    The associated Dimensions RM containers and Dimensions CM projects/streams are now linked.

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You may receive an Oracle ORA-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed error.

To resolve the Oracle error:

  1. Shut down the Dimensions CM listener and the Oracle Windows services.

  2. On the database server, open this file:




  4. Save the changes.

  5. Restart Oracle and the Dimensions CM listener Windows services.

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