RM and CM in replicated environment

Dimensions RM doesn't have the capability to replicate Dimensions RM requirements from one repository to another. But you can fully track the fulfillment of requirements in a replicated Dimensions CM environment by coordinating Dimensions CM requests.

Note: Dimensions CM Replicator is installed as part of a standard Dimensions CM installation, but it requires additional licensing.

To track work on requirements across replicated Dimensions CM servers:

  1. Install Dimensions CM and Dimensions RM, as described in their respective installation guides:

  2. Set up the Dimensions CM environment. For details, see information about replication in Administration.

  3. For each requirement on the primary Dimensions CM server, create a request, and relate it to the requirement.

  4. As needed, create related child requests for these requests and replicate them to the other replica Dimensions CM sites.

    As work is completed on the child requests at the replica sites, history is tracked by the parent requests on the primary server, provided Replicator is run. You can continue to review the requirements associated with the parent requests, enabling you to view detailed implementation history for each requirement.

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