Review code

Peer reviews are part of OpenText PulseUno, a web-based tool that enables development teams to examine the health and quality of their changes.

Note: You can use PulseUno functionality only if it is enabled in your Dimensions CM database.

You can use reviews to:

  • Comment on, and review, the code changes in your development projects.

  • Collaborate with team members.

  • Get insight into the health of changes.

  • Promote team work and development best practices.

  • Vote to approve or reject reviews.

Reviews are integrated into your client or IDE, where you can:

  • Display reviews in a separate view. You can manage a review, for example, add comments and change the review's state. Links inside a review open in PulseUno (in a browser).

  • Open the review related to a specific request or changeset.

    You can configure changesets to automatically create reviews.

For details, see PulseUno.

To open reviews from the desktop client:

  1. In the desktop client, in the My Current Stream/Project navigation window, expand the catalog or you inbox.

  2. Select Reviews to display all the pending reviews or the review catalog. The views contain the review ID, title, status, author, and creation date.
  3. To open a review in PulseUno, right-click the review, and select Open in PulseUno.

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