Delegate requests

Delegate a Dimensions CM request to assign it to another user.

Note: To delegate external requests, reassign them in the relevant request provider instance, for example, OpenText ALM Octane or Atlassian Jira.

When you delegate a Dimensions CM request, you change the role assignments for it. You can also delegate the request to another Dimensions CM site.

Guidelines and requirements:

  • To delegate a request, you need the Delegate Request privilege.

  • The users that can delegate requests are defined in the Administration Console > Users and Roles > Role assignments. For details, see Set up the process model.

  • The request must be owned by your site.

To delegate a Dimensions CM request:

  1. In the desktop client, open a list of requests and select one or more requests. See Select requests.

    You can select multiple requests if they belong to the same product.

  2. Select Request > Delegate, or click the Delegate Request button.

  3. If you have selected multiple requests, clear any that you do not want to delegate, and select the Roles tab.

  4. From the Select the role to delegate list, select the role to delegate.

    To view the users who currently have role assignments for the request, select a role. The users who have the role are displayed in the Assigned Users list.

  5. For Users, select the level of responsibility for the role:

    • To assign a role with sole responsibility for the issue, select Leader.

    • To assign a role with primary responsibility for the issue, select Primary.

    • To assign a role where there are multiple users with responsibility, select Secondary.

  6. To also delegate the items related to the requests, select Delegate related items.

  7. In the Available Users list, select one or more users to whom you want to delegate the role, and click Assign.

    CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple users.

    To replace all the users assigned in that role with the users you selected, click Replace.

    To remove the role assignment from a user, select the user in the Assigned Users list, and click Remove.

    Note: You cannot delete role assignments that were specified as part of the design tree structure. Users with these assignments are identified as follows: {Secondary, From Tree}

    You can replace all of the existing user assignments for a given role.

  8. Click Close.

The users that have been assigned to the requests receive an email informing them that this change request is in their box.

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