Select requests

Select Dimensions CM requests to perform operations, such as actioning, or modify request properties or attributes.

Note: If the request is not owned by your site, indicated by a dimmed icon, you can only view its details. You cannot perform operations that attempt to update it, apart from Request request.

If you are using requests from other request providers, see View and manage requests from multiple providers.

To select Dimensions CM requests in the desktop client:

  1. To view a list of requests in a content window:

    Action Description
    View all requests in your Inbox. Select View > User Inbox. In the User Inbox navigation window, select the Requests node.
    View requests from your Inbox for the current project/stream.

    Select View > My Current Project/Stream. In the Inbox section, select Requests.

    To select requests of a particular type, expand the Dimensions CM Requests node and select a request type.

    View requests in a design part.
    1. In the My Current Project/Stream navigation window, select Parts and Items.

    2. In the Design Part to Open dialog box, select the product and design part.

    3. Expand the design part tree, and select the design part icon. The related requests are displayed in the content window.

    Select from all requests related to the current project/stream. In the My Current Project/Stream navigation window, expand the Requests node.
    Select from all requests in a product.
    1. Select View > Product Catalog. In the Product Catalog navigation window, select Requests.

    2. In the Open Requests dialog box, specify which requests to view. For details, see Open a Dimensions CM request list.

  2. In the content window, select requests from a request list:

    Action Description
    Select a single request. Select the checkbox next to the request, or click the request.
    Select multiple non-consecutive requests. CTRL+click each request.
    Select a range of requests. Click the first request in the range, then SHIFT+click the last request.
    Select all requests in the list. Click the check mark in the column heading. Or click anywhere in the content window and press CTRL+A.

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