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The My Area view and Deployment Area view display the folders and files in content windows similar to Windows Explorer.

The work area can be located on your local machine, or an area under the Dimensions CM control that has been defined in the Administration Console. The deployment areas are areas that have been associated with your current project or stream, and a deployment stage.

For performance reasons, the icon and certain fields are not displayed by default. To view those fields (marked with an asterisk) right-click a column heading and select the field.

Note: Displaying fields with column headings marked with an asterisk (*) may be slow to query on MVS work areas, depending on the file number and size.

To access the My Area view, expand the Work Areas node in the My Current Project/Stream window, and select the My Area icon.

To access the contents of a deployment area:

  1. Expand the Work Areas node in the My Current Project/Stream window.

  2. In the My Current Project/Stream window, expand the Deployment Areas node.

  3. Expand the Stage node for the deployment area, and expand the node for the area you want to view.

You can expand the folder tree on the left and view details of the item files in that folder, such as the revision and type of change (such as added or modified). If the area is located on an MVS operating system, the functions available are more limited.

If you right-click files and folders in these windows, you can perform these operations:

  • Check out (projects only)

  • Check in (projects only)

  • Synchronize (projects only)

  • Update

  • Deliver

  • Browse

  • Compare

  • Merge (projects only)

  • Show item history

  • Show item pedigree

  • Show properties of the item file

For files that are not under Dimensions CM control, you can:

  • Browse (using the editor that has been assigned in the desktop client for its file extension)

  • Show properties of the file

If you right-click a folder in the tree, you can invoke the synchronize wizard to perform these operations:

  • Synchronize (for projects only)

  • Update

  • Deliver

Note: Item files that do not belong to your current project or stream are displayed in a gray font. You can display their properties but not perform any other operations on these files.

To perform updates between the work area and repository:

In the folder tree of the area view, right-click the folder you want to synchronize, and select from the following options:

Update Update the work area with the latest changes in the repository.
Deliver Update the repository with the latest changes in your work area.
Synchronize Update both the work area and the repository to reflect the latest changes in both (only available for projects).

This opens the Synchronize wizard to perform the operation. For details, see Use the Synchronize wizard.

MVS Areas

If you right-click a member in this window, you can perform the following operations for members that are under the Dimensions CM control:

  • Browse.

  • View item history.

  • View item pedigree.

For members that are not under the Dimensions CM control, you can:

  • Browse (using the editor that has been assigned in the desktop client for its extension).

  • View properties.

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