Change Work Area dialog box

In the Change Work Area for stream/project dialog box, select the work area for item files in a project or stream. You can select a folder on your local machine or network node, or a managed work area.

When you check out or copy items, they are placed in a subfolder of your work area relative to their location in the project/stream.

Field Description

Enter the location to use as the root folder for the project, or the name of the managed work area.

Enter the path to a work area folder or a managed work area, or click the browse button to select a folder:

  • If the folder is on your local machine, enter a full path.

    For example, to use the payroll folder on the Windows C: drive, enter c:\payroll.

    Avoid setting the work area to the root folder of the drive on your machine, for example, C:\.

  • If the folder is on a remote node, begin the path with the node name, followed by two colons (::).

    For example, to use the payroll folder on the HOST1 UNIX node, enter HOST1::/payroll.

  • For a managed work area, enter the name of the work area followed by two colons (::), for example DEVAREA::

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