Create a work area

Create a work area when you need to define a location to be used for the item files of a project or stream.

PRIVILEGES: Create Work Areas.

Note: When assigning a work area to your project or stream, you need to assign the ID of the work area and not just the file path.

To create a work area:

  1. In the desktop client, in the My Current Project/Stream window, right-click the Work Areas node and select Create Work Area. The New Work Area dialog box opens.

  2. Specify the following information:

    Field Description
    Area ID Enter a name for the area.
    Description Enter a description for the area.

    Network node

    Select a node from the list.

    Folder Enter the root folder for the area on the node, or browse to select it.
    Node user Specify the user for the node where the area is located, to access the item files in that area.
    Node password Enter the node password for the node user.
    Make it the default area for the current project/stream Select this option to make this area the default for your current project.

    Folder offset

    (Optional) Enter a relative path within the area to use as the root folder for the project.

    Note: If this folder does not exist, it is not created until files are fetched to it.

    Owner Enter the Dimensions CM user that owns the area.
  3. To grant permission to users and groups to access the area, click the Users tab.
  4. To add a user or group, select the name in the Available Users/Groups list, and click the Next button > to move the user/group to the Assigned Users/Groups list.

    To add all the users and groups, click the Forward button >> to move them to the Assigned Users/Groups list.

    To remove a user or group, select the name in the Assigned Users/Groups list, and click the Previous button <.

    To remove all the users and groups, click the Backward button <<.

  5. Click OK.

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