Project/Stream Preferences dialog box

In the Project/Stream Preferences dialog box, set the default preferences for your current project or stream.

Field Description
General tab

Work area

Enter the path to a work area folder or a managed work area, or click the browse button to select a folder:

  • If the folder is on your local machine, enter a full path.

    For example, to use the payroll folder on the Windows C: drive, enter c:\payroll.

    Avoid setting the work area to the root folder of the drive on your machine, for example, C:\.

  • If the folder is on a remote node, begin the path with the node name, followed by two colons (::).

    For example, to use the payroll folder on the HOST1 UNIX node, enter HOST1::/payroll.

Default request Enter a request ID or use the browse button and complete the Find dialog box to select it.
Default design part Enter the default owning design part to be used for new items created in this project/stream, or use the browse button to select it.
Default branch Projects only: Select a branch to use as the default branch for new item revisions that you create in this project/stream.

Library cache area

Select a library cache area from the list.

You can set this option only if at least one library cache area is defined for the project in the Administration Console.

Make this configuration my default Select this option to save your selections as the default preferences for this project/stream.
Stream Access tab Topic streams only: Add or remove users and groups to share a topic stream with other users and change its ownership. For example, you are switching to a different task and want to delegate the changes in a topic stream to another user.

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