New Release dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a release from a release baseline.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Baseline to be released

Shows the selected baseline. If empty, click the Browse button and select a baseline.


Previous release

Select Delta Release and enter the name of the release on which the new release is based.

Only select Delta Release if the new release is based on a previous release.

If you list more than one previous release, Dimensions CM only uses the first release in the list.

Release ID

Enter a name for the release.

The release ID must be unique within the product.

Dimensions CM does not record variants, versions, or revisions for a release. Make the name as specific as possible, for example:

Release for USA

Release template ID

Select a release template from the list.


The release template is created in the Administration Console.

Release Folder

To use the project/stream root directory, leave the field empty.

To specify a different release folder where to copy the item revisions, enter a folder path, or click the browse button and select a folder.



Enter any comments about the release.


Expand substitution variables

Select to enable item header substitution.

For more information, see New Release dialog box.

Automatically overwrite files

Select to overwrite any matching files in the release directory.

Clear to not overwrite files. A message is displayed indicating that files were not overwritten.


Apply system date/time

Select to set the timestamp of the files in your working area to the current date and time.


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