Revert changes in work areas

You can remove the changes in a work area associated with a stream and replace them with the previous versions.

Guidelines for reverting changes

Review these guidelines and limitations before you start reverting changes:

  • Reverting changes works only with streams, not projects.

  • Only the changes in a local work area, not the stream, are reverted.

  • An entire changeset is reverted, not individual item revisions.

  • The original request relationships are not removed.

  • To synchronize the stream with the work area, deliver the changes after you have run this operation. This creates a new changeset.

  • To revert changes, you need the same privileges as the Deliver operation.


Assume that you have the following modifications in a work area that you delivered to a stream, which created changeset CS_19:

  • webapphelp\help.css (moved from webapp\help.css)

  • contact_support.html (a new file)

  • config.dat revision #9 (new revision)

After you revert to the previous changeset, CS_18, the work area content looks like this:

  • webapp\help.css (the previous path)

  • contact_support.html was deleted (a new file that was first delivered in CS_19)

  • config.dat revision #8 (the previous revision)

To synchronize the stream with the work area, deliver the changes, which creates changeset CS_20 with this content:

  • webapp\help.css

  • contact_support.html (deletion)

  • config.dat revision #8

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Revert changes

You can revert the changes in your work area. For example, you have made changes locally and delivered them to a stream, but subsequently you decide to revert the changes in the work area.

To revert changes in a work area:

  1. Desktop client:

    • To revert an entire changeset, from the Stream menu, select Changesets.

    • To revert a specific set of changes, select a folder. Right-click and select Folder Changesets.

    Windows Explorer: Select a folder where you want to undo changes. Right-click and select Dimensions > Changesets.

  2. In the Changesets dialog box, right-click a changeset and select Revert from Work Area. The Select Undo Options dialog box opens, displaying the stream and changeset ID from which you are going to revert changes.

  3. To change the stream, click Select and select one of the options in the Select Stream dialog box.

  4. The Update This Work Area field displays the work area to undo changes. To change the work area, enter its path, or click Select and choose a folder.

  5. To verify the undo changes before applying them to the work area, select Perform an interactive update.

  6. To restrict the undo to a specific folder and its subfolders, select Limit the Scope of the Update to this Folder and browse to the folder or enter its path. If you invoked the undo operation from a subfolder, its path is prepopulated.

  7. For advanced options, click Advanced.

  8. To restrict the undo to particular files or folders, wildcard filters for including or excluding repository files. For details about using filters, see Include and exclude files and folders.

  9. Apply the repository date and time to the work area files that are reverted.

  10. To automatically merge local and repository files that do not have conflicts, select Auto merge non-conflicting file content. You can also select a default character set that is used to transcode Unicode.

  11. Click Next.

  12. On the Review Changes page, select a resolution for each conflict. Your selection is displayed in the Resolution column.

  13. Click Update.

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