Select an owning design part

In the Synchronize wizard, use the browse button to select the owning design part for any items you create in the project/stream as a result of a synchronize or deliver process.

To select a design part:

  1. In the Synchronize wizard, click the browse button. The Part Selection wizard opens.

  2. Enter selection criteria to find a design part:

    Field Description


    Select a product from the list.


    Select a design part category from the list.

    Part ID

    Enter a filter string to narrow down the selection of design parts.

    You can use wildcards:

    • An underscore (_) matches one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.

    • A percent sign (%) matches any number of characters. For example, d%g matches dog or drag or dreaming.

    Part Description

    Enter a filter string to select design parts based on the description. You can use wildcards.

  3. Click Next.

  4. From the list of results that match your criteria, select a design part.

  5. Click Finish.

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