Git Client command-line format

The Dimensions CM Git Client uses the standard Git command-line format.

Git command syntax

Use the following syntax for Git commands:

git <command> <URL>

Command Description
<command> Specifies a Git command. For details, see the Git documentation.

Specifies the Dimensions CM server and database connection in this format:

dimensions://[username:password@]hostname:[port number]/databasename@connection/product/stream/[directory]

  • [username:password@] specifies the optional username and password to authenticate with Dimensions CM.
  • [port number] specifies an optional port number on the server.
  • [directory] specifies an optional path to a directory.

Example URL:


If you are cloning a specific stream version on Linux, or using Git Bash, add quotes to the URL, for example:

git clone ‘dimensions://dmsys:dmsys_test@myserver/cm_typical@dim12 /PROD/ST1;0’

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Authentication methods

The following authentication methods are available:

Protocol connection URL format Supported Git Client version
Standard Dimensions Protocol (SDP) or single sign-on (SSO) dimensions://hostname 2.0 and later
HTTP dimensionshttp://hostname 2.3 and earlier
HTTPS dimensionshttps://hostname 2.3 and earlier
CAC over HTTP dimensionshttpcac://hostname and later
CAC over HTTPS dimensionshttpscac://hostname and later
CAC over SDP dimensionscac://hostname and later

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