Dimensions CM Git Client

The Dimensions CM Git Client brings central control and security to teams using Git, enabling them to store code in a Dimensions CM stream while enjoying the familiar Git user experience.

Streams can be shared by developers using Git or Dimensions CM.

The Dimensions CM Git Client is an extension to Git that supports the use of the standard Git command line, Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), and other tools using Dimensions CM as the remote repository.

For example, you can perform the following tasks:

Task Description
Clone streams Use the clone command to clone streams from Dimensions CM and populate a local Git repository.

Fetch code

Pull code

Use the fetch and pull commands to update a local Git repository with changes from Dimensions CM. When you pull changes, each CM changeset becomes a Git commit.
Branch and merge Use Git to branch, commit, and merge.
Push changes Use the push command to push the changes from a Git repository back into Dimensions CM. Each Git commit becomes a CM changeset including the user ID and timestamp.

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