Open Baseline dialog box

In the Open Baseline dialog box, you can view baseline items and edit the user-defined attributes for the baseline.

On the General tab, view the details of the selected baseline.

See the Attributes tab/page for how to change the user-defined attributes.

See the Items tab for how to view the items in the baseline.

See the Relationships tab for how to relate or unrelate requests for the baseline or view other related objects.

General tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines
Specification The specification of the selected baseline. Display only.
Id The baseline identifier. This name must be unique within the product. Maximum length is 128 characters.
Mode The baseline category: design, release, or archive. Display only.
Type The baseline type. Baseline types are defined in the Administration Console. For details, see Set up the process model
Last Updated By The user ID of the person who last updated the baseline. Display only.
Creation Date The date the baseline was created. Display only.
Update Date The date the baseline was last updated. Display only.
Template The template used to create the baseline Only displayed for release and archive baselines.
Status The baseline status. Display only.
Description The baseline ID and version. Display only.

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