Relationships tab with customers selected

Use the Relationships tab with customers selected to view, edit, or unrelate customers that are related to the selected release.

Relationships tab with customers selected.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Open open_release_button.gif

Click to view or edit the selected customer.


Forward to Customers forward_release_button.gif

Click to forward to a customer the release whose properties you are editing.


Withdraw Release withdraw_release_button.gif

Click to withdraw this release from the selected customer(s).


Related Objects Class

Select the class of object to be displayed on the Relationships tab.

The options available depend on the currently selected object and your process model.


Click to display the list of customers in a browser window.

You can print the list or save it as an HTML file.


Click to display the list of customers as a list of comma-separated values.

You can save the list as a CSV file.


customers with child (forwarded) relationships to the currently selected release.


Select all icon select_all_button.gif

Click to select or clear all customers in the list.


Select checkbox

Click to select the customer.


Navigate icon releases00011.jpg

Click to display an Open Customer dialog box for the related customer (and dismiss this current dialog box).



The Name of the customer.

Click the link to open an Open Customer dialog box for the customer.


The location of the customer.

Display only.


The project the customer belongs to.

Display only.


The contact for the customer.

Display only.

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