Deliver changes to streams

You deliver the changes from your work area to a stream in a repository using the Deliver operation.

When there are conflicts between a work area and a stream, first perform an update to resolve the conflicts locally, and then try delivering again.

Note: Deliver is a lock-free operation. If two developers deliver different files at the same time, both deliveries are successful.

To deliver changes to a stream:

  1. In the My Current Stream view or Items view, select a stream or folder in the navigation pane.

  2. On the toolbar, click Deliver. The Deliver wizard opens.

    The Deliver field displays the work area path from which to deliver the changes.

  3. In Include the following types of changes, select the types of changes between the repository and the work area that you want to include.

  4. To restrict the deliver operation to particular files or folders, specify the filters:

    Include local files Enter expressions to specify which files to deliver from the work area to the repository.
    Exclude local files Enter expressions to exclude a set of files when delivering to the repository.

    For details about using wildcards, see Include and exclude files and folders.

    The type of changes you select and the wildcard filters you specify are saved in Dimensions CM against your user ID and displayed the next time you open the Deliver wizard.

  5. Click Next.

  6. If a list of Additional streams from which to include content is displayed, the work area from which you are delivering has been updated from other streams and/or baselines. Clear the streams or baselines whose files you do not want to deliver to the parent stream and click Next.

    Caution: If there are conflicts between the work area and the stream, you cannot complete the delivery. Resolve the conflicts and update your work area before you try delivering again. For details, see Update work areas from streams.

  7. Specify what changes to accept or ignore:

    • To ignore a change, clear its checkbox.

    • To accept a change, select its checkbox.

    • To clear all changes, select Deselect all changes on all pages (applicable if there is more than one page).

    • To select all changes, select Select all changes on all pages (applicable if there is more than one page).

    • To select all changes on the current page, click Select All .

  8. Click Next.

  9. (Optional) Provide the following details:

    Comment Enter the default comment for any new item revisions that are created.
    Relate to request(s) Use the browse button to select one or more default requests to be related as In Response To any new item revisions that are created. You may need to restart your process model to create new item revisions.
    Design part for new files Enter the part specification for the owning design part for any new items created as a result of the deliver, or use the browse button to select it.
  10. To view a summary, click Next. Then click Finish to complete the operation.

  11. To view the results, click Details.

  12. Click Close to exit the wizard or Back to return to the first page.

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