Create pull requests

If PulseUno has not been configured to automatically create pull requests for new topic streams, you can create them manually. You cannot add a new pull request to a stream that already has an active pull request.

For details about PulseUno, see PulseUno.

To create a pull request manually:

  1. In the web client, open the stream where you want to create a pull request, typically a topic stream.

  2. In the My Current Stream view, click Pull Request.

  3. In the New Pull Request window, select the following:

    • The product where you want to create the pull request. Default: the product to which the stream belongs.

    • A source stream. Default: the stream you selected above.

    • The target stream the pull request is merged into when the development is complete. Default: the child stream’s parent, if applicable.

  4. Enter a title and description.

  5. Add lead and optional reviewers who can add comments, and vote to approve or request changes. Choose developers who you think are most suitable to review these changes.

    When a comment is made, the pull request author and other reviewers receive an email with a snippet of the code and the review comments.

  6. Select a request that describes the changes to be made. This request is used to merge the changes into the parent stream. If the topic stream is related to a request, it is automatically selected.

    To relate a different request, click Relate and select a request from the Relate Requests dialog box.

    To unrelate a request, click Unrelate.

  7. Click Create. The new pull request is at the Draft state.

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