Review and approve pull requests

If you are the reviewer of a pull request, you can:

  • View the associated code changes.

  • Add review comments and collaborate with team members.

  • View the results of PulseUno chains that have run on the pull request.

  • Approve the pull request.

  • Request changes to the code.

To view and approve a pull request:

  1. Open a pull request. For details see Open and modify pull requests.

  2. To view the code changes, click the Changes tab. The Contents section list all the files in the review. To review a specific file, select it from the list, or scroll down. The list of files is also displayed on the sidebar.

  3. To add comments to a file:

    1. Click and drag to select the lines where you want to add a comment.

    2. In the Comment box, enter your comments. Optionally, format the comment using the toolbar or markdown syntax.

    3. Click Comment. Your comments are now visible to your team. The responses are added in the same comment box. Each reviewer receives an email with a snippet of the code and the review comments.

  4. To vote to approve a pull request, click Approve. Enter the reasons for your approval and click Approve.

  5. To ask for changes to be made, click Request Changes. Enter comments and click Request Changes. The pull request is sent back to its author for rework. The author can make additional changes and republish the pull request.

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