Delegate wizard

Use the Delegate wizard to assign users a role on a particular item, baseline, or Dimensions CM request and to specify the capabilities users have within those roles.

On the first page of the wizard, specify the capabilities to assign to a particular role, and the users to assign to the role.

Field Description
Role to delegate Select from the available roles on the item, baseline, or Dimensions CM request.

To set the level of responsibility for the role, select Leader, Primary, or Secondary.

For details about role capabilities, see Set up the process model.

Available users

To assign users, select one or more user in the Available Users list, and click Assign >.

CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple users.

To replace currently assigned users, select one or more users and click Replace.

Assigned users To remove an assigned user, select the user in the Assigned Users list, and click < Remove.
Delegate related items Requests only: (Optional) Select this option to delegate the items related to the Dimensions CM request.

To review the summary, click Next. See Delegate wizard (Summary).

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