Revise an item

Revise an item when you want to create a new revision using the contents of a file in your work area. Revising an item is similar to using the Edit command in that you do not need to check out the item first. When you revise an item, the revision ID is changed according to your process model rules.

This operation is not available for items in a stream.

Your process model may require you to relate a request to the revised item.

PRIVILEGES: Revise Item Content.

To revise an item:

  1. In an Items list, select one or more items.

    You can select multiple items. If you do, you cannot change item attributes or edit certain other item properties, such as the branch and revision.

  2. Click the Revise button.

  3. For Check in From Directory, enter the pathname of the file or folder you want to use as the source, or click the browse button to find it.

  4. If required, in the Relate to Request field, enter the name of one or more related requests, or click the browse button use the Find dialog box.

  5. If required, enter a Description for the item revise.

  6. Click OK.

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