Delegate to Other Users page

Use this page of the Action wizard to delegate the selected object(s) to other users, assign other users a role on the object(s) or remove previously delegated users.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Role to Delegate

Choose from the available roles on the request or item.



Choose Leader, Primary, or Secondary.


All candidate users

Click Assign  to move the selected users to the Assigned users list.

Click Replace  to add the selected users to the Users Currently Assigned Role list, and remove the current users.

If there are no available users, this field displays <none>.

Assigned users

Click Delete  to remove the selected users.

The list includes those users assigned at the design part level.

If there are no assigned users, this field displays <none>.


Click to return to the first page of the wizard.


Click to move to the next page of the wizard.



Click to action the object(s) without filling in any more pages.


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