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HP.SV.DotNetRuleApi Namespace

Public classAlreadyAttachedObjectException
This exception indicates you are trying to use a particular object in two separate places which is disallowed. Consider using a copy of the object.
Public classHpsvActivitiesBase
Base class keeping all Service Call Activities instances. It supports access to the included Service Call Activities by integer index.
Public classHpsvActivityBase
Base class for Service Call Activity, accessible via HpsvActivitiesBase
Public classHpsvArray
Base class for arrays with untyped methods (e.g. using Object type)
Public classHpsvContext
Represents each simulation context. Available via HpsvContextsList
Public classHpsvContextsList
Allows access to all Simulation Contexts see HpsvContext. Available via Contexts
Public classHpsvEnvironment
Provides details about the environment the Service Virtualization runs in. Available via Environment
Public classHpSvExtensions
Common extension methods
Public classHpsvGenericArrayT
Provides type safe access to the array
Public classHpsvLogger
Allows logging from Scripted Rule. The same class can be used for logging to the Service Virtualization log file via Logger or to the Designer Problem List via MessageLogger There are methods for each log level. Based on Service Virtualization configuration the message is either logged or ignored.
Public classHpsvMultiResponse
Specifies multi-response behavior, accessible via MultiResponse
Public classHpsvObject
Base class for accessing Simulation data. It's basically a container of untyped properties.
Public classHpsvObjectWithSubtypes
Base type for polymorphic HpsvObject with specified Type
Public classHpsvPersistentContext
Represents simulation context capable to store persistent values. Available via HpsvContextsList
Public classHpsvProxyObject
Abstract base class for accessing Simulation data. Allows to read/write to JSON
Public classHpsvRequestBase
Base class for Request (both incoming service request and Service Call Activity request).
Public classHpsvResponseBase
Base class for Response (both incoming service request and Before Response Service Call Activity response).
Public classHpsvRootObjectBase
Base class which encapsulates all access to Service Virtualization functionality from the scripted rule
Public classHpsvSequence
Persistent Sequence
Public classHpsvSequenceBuilderBase
Base sequence builder allowing access to persistent sequences see HpsvSequence
Public classHpsvSequenceBuilderServerScoped
Server scope builder, used only by the fluent API for creating the sequence
Public classHpsvSequenceBuilderServiceScoped
Service scope builder, used only by the fluent API for creating the sequence
Public classHpsvServiceInfo
Provides details about the Virtual Service being simulated. Available via ServiceInfo
Public classHpsvServiceInfoEndpoint
Provides information about Virtual Service Endpoint
Public classHpsvServiceInfoEndpoints
Allows access to all Virtual Service endpoints see HpsvServiceInfoEndpoint. Available via HpsvServiceInfo
Public classHpsvUnscopedSequenceBuilder
Default sequence builder, when no scope is specified then Service scope is used
Public interfaceIEntityState
Internal use only
Public interfaceIHpsvObject
Internal use only
Public interfaceISequenceConfigurer
Fluent API for specifying Persistent Sequence configuration, see HpsvSequence