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ISequenceConfigurer Methods

The ISequenceConfigurer type exposes the following members.

Public methodCache
Specifies the number of values which are kept in memory, prior the sequence is persisted (a performance optimization). On the other hand when SV fails it does not guarantee a continuous sequence of values (e.g. some values might be lost). Uniqueness of values is preserved in any case.

Valid values: 0..count of values between MinValue and MaxCalue

Default value: 0

Public methodIfUnusedKeepFor
Specifies duration (in days) how long SV will keep the sequence. Once elapsed the sequence will get deleted.

Valid values:

Default value: 30

Public methodIfUnusedKeepForever
Instructs SV to keep the sequence forever event if not used
Public methodNoRecycle
The sequence throws exception once MaxValue is reached (default behavior)
Public methodRecycle
Allows the sequence to revert back to MinValue once MaxValue is reached
Public methodWithIncrement
Specifies the increment used by each GetNextValue call.

Valid values: For increasing sequence (e.g. MinValue < MaxValue) a positive value. For decreasing sequence (e.g. MinValue > MaxValue) a negative value.

Default value: 1

Public methodWithInitialValue
Specifies initial value.

Valid values: MinValue..MaxValue

Default value: MinValue

Public methodWithMaxValue
Maximal value

Valid values: long.MinValue..long.MaxValue, not equal to MinValue

Default value: log.MaxValue

Public methodWithMinValue
Minimal value

Valid values: long.MinValue..long.MaxValue, not equal to MaxValue

Default value: 0

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