What's New - LoadRunner Cloud 2023.11

This topic introduces the new features and improvements in LoadRunner Cloud.

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User experience

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience:

Area Enhancement
Tenant management

The Tenant management application is available by default for all newly provisioned tenants. All existing tenants can get access to tenant management by opening a support ticket.

For details, see Tenant management.

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Data and analytics

This release includes the following data and analytics updates:

Area Enhancement
AppDynamics monitors

The following improvements have been made to the AppDynamics monitor:

  • Full support has been added for monitoring Kubernetes pods, clusters, and containers with AppDynamics.

  • The full list of hardware resource metrics in AppDynamics is now dynamically retrieved for the supported entities. This is instead of using a fixed list of main metrics. The supported entities are regular servers and Kubernetes.

For details, see Add an AppDynamics monitor.

Test settings

When creating a new load test in LoadRunner Cloud, the Email a report when the test finishes setting is set to off by default for all newly created tests. This setting remains unchanged for existing tests.

For details, see Define test settings.

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Integrations and ecosystem

This release includes the following integrations and ecosystem updates:

Area Enhancement
WebPageTest (Deprecation notice) The WebPageTest report cannot be generated for new test runs. However, it is still available for old test runs that were configured to include it.

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This release includes the following modernization updates:

Area Enhancement
Test scheduler

The load test scheduler page has been redesigned with a modern look, feel, and layout. This includes the Timeline and Scheduled runs tabs which became collapsible menus.

For details, see Schedule a test run.

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Security and infrastructure

This release includes the following security and infrastructure updates:

Area Enhancement
API access keys

Added an automatic expiration policy which reduces the lifetime of an access key by enforcing regular changes every 90 days by default. The LoadRunner Cloud user interface in Tenant management > API Access has been adjusted to the new policy.

For details, see Automatic expiration.

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VuGen, protocols, and LoadRunner Developer

Virtual User Generator (VuGen) includes the following enhancements. For details, see the VuGen What's New.

Area Enhancement
LoadRunner version 2023 R1

LoadRunner Cloud supports VuGen and OneLG version 2023 R1.

For details, see Support Matrix.

The VuGen and third-party protocols include the following enhancements. For details, see the VuGen What's New.

Area Enhancement
TruClient Web

An enhanced Runtime Settings user interface is now in use for the TruClient Web protocol. In addition to a new look and feel, new functionality has been added, such as the ability to change the non-interactive window size.

For details, see the Runtime settings nodes.

Selenium LoadRunner Cloud now supports Selenium version 4.14.

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