Upload or retrieve scripts


Uploads the following scripts to, or retrieves them from LoadRunner Enterprise or ALM (for VuGen and JMeter scripts):

Script TypeSupported in Version
DevWeb (standalone) LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 SP3 or later
GatlingLoadRunner Enterprise 2020 SP3 or later
UFT One GUI or API testsLoadRunner Enterprise 2020 SP3 or later
  • LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 or later

  • ALM (in versions 12.6x or earlier)

  • LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 or later

  • ALM (in versions 12.6x or earlier)

KafkaLoadRunner Enterprise 2022 or later


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HTTP Method

POST: Uploads a VuGen, JMeter, DevWeb, Gatling, or UFT One GUI or API test script to LoadRunner Enterprise or to ALM (for VuGen or JMeter scripts).

GET: Returns the script in the body of the response.



Content-Type: multipart/form-data


Version 2020 (or later)


Versions earlier than 2020


Request Body:

POST: Multipart data with two entities: a zipped script and an XML describing the uploaded script.

  1. In the Body section of the API tool, add the XML as Text.

  2. Add XML to the file (see the POST example below and the field descriptions in the table).

  3. Add the zipped script to the body as a File.

  4. After uploading the script, you should receive the response (see Script XML).

GET: No request body

The fields in the request are:

ScriptThe top-level element.

This is the path of the folder on LoadRunner Enterprise (or within Test Plan for ALM) where the script will be saved.

OverwriteAction if script with the same pathname already exists. One of:
  • true: Overwrite existing script. (default)
  • false: Automatically rename new script.
RuntimeOnly One of:
  • true: Upload only runtime files. (default)
  • false: Upload all files.


(Not relevant in LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 or later)

Applies if project supports versioning to indicate whether the script needs to be checked in/out after an upload. Use one of:

  • true: Uploaded script will remain checked-out.
  • false: Uploaded script is checked in. (default).

Note: If the project does not support version control, this element is meaningless and you can leave the default value ("false") or not use the KeepCheckedOut element at all. Do not send an empty element.

IsAutosplitJMX(For JMeter scripts only) Select "true" to split a .jmx file that contains a number of JMeter groups into a separate .jmx file for each group.



Content-Type: application/xml



HTML Return Code:

One of the HTTP Return Codes

HTML Body:

GET: Returns the data on the entity in the response. See Script XML

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