Analyzing test results

After you run a test, you can generate comprehensive reports that help you improve the performance of your application. NV Test Manager does this by analyzing the packets that were captured while the test ran.

Analysis is typically performed per transaction. Including transactions enables you to focus the test on relevant network traffic, to get insights into the performance of each transaction separately, and to locate issues more accurately. This can help you understand which aspects of a transaction took the most time to perform, what changes can be implemented to improve the transaction response times, and why a transaction failed.

If a test does not include any transactions, analysis is performed on the packet list for the entire test.

Analyze the test results

After a test finishes running, you can analyze it from NV Test Manager. After a test is analyzed, the Analyzed icon is displayed the Attributes column for that test in the Completed tests section.

To analyze a test:

  1. Make sure that the Analysis settings are correct. For details, see NV Test Manager settings.

  2. Start and run a test , creating transactions, as needed. For details, see Creating and running tests.

  3. Stop the test .

  4. Select Run Analysis > Standard Analysis. NV Test Manager analyzes the test in the background. When complete, the Run Analysis button changes to Successfully analyzed.

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View the analysis results

To... Do this...
View the NV Insights report At the top of the page, click Download and select Download Analytics report. For more details, see Download the NV Insights Report and NV Insights report.
View analysis results for a specific transaction
  • In NV Insights, hover over or click a specific transaction. For details, see Transaction overview.
  • In NV Test Manager:

  • In the Transactions tab, click View Analytics Report for a specific transaction.

  • In the Analytics tab, select a transaction from the drop-down list.

Group results by transaction or network distribution, and view in a table or graph

In the Transactions tab, toggle between views:

  • Click the Group by Transaction or Network Scenario buttons.

  • Click the table or graph view buttons .

Save a packet list to a file
  • For a specific transaction: In the Transactions tab, click Download Packet List for the transaction you want to save. This saves the packet list for the selected transaction to a .pcap file.
  • For a test without transactions: At the top of the page, click Download and select Packet List. This saves the packet list for the entire test.

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Download the NV Insights Report

After running and analyzing a test in NV Test Manager, you can download a copy of the NV Insights Report in .html format. The report is packaged in a .zip file, making it easy to share with others.

For tests run from UFT Mobile

  1. In NV Test Manager, on the Tests page, click a test name.
  2. At the top of the page, click Download and select Analytics.

    NV Test Manager creates a .zip file that contains a standalone version of the NV Insights Report. Save the .zip file on your local machine.

    Note: The files in the zip file must be saved locally to display correctly.

  3. After extracting the zip file, open the EmbeddedReport.html file to view the report.

    The report opens to the Transaction overview page, showing details about transaction duration and throughput during the test.

  4. Drill down into a specific transaction to see additional analysis results and optimization recommendations.

For tests run from Appium

Download the report as part of the script with an API call at the end of the test. For details, see Common Appium API calls in the UFT Mobile Help Center.

For tests run from Lab Console

Download the report after stopping the test by clicking the Download Report link. For details, see Perform actions in your app.

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