NV Insights report

NV Insights is a comprehensive network analysis report that provides information about how your application performs over various types of networks (virtual locations), via network emulation.

The NV Insights report assists in pinpointing factors that negatively impact an application's performance across a network. The report consists of several sub-reports, each displaying different aspects of the network data captured during the test. The report includes:

  • performance optimization recommendations

  • HTTP waterfall with client-side breakdown

  • resource analysis

  • load times

  • component download analysis

  • response time breakdown

  • error details

Interactive display

The interactive sidebar highlights graph statistics, including network impact range and optimization grades indicating application efficiency and performance.

You can view and filter graphs and tables that illustrate how networks impact the transactions in your applications, including transaction duration over different network scenarios and total throughput. You can drill down to the resources and view analyses and optimization recommendations to improve your application's performance over slow networks.

Integration with other testing tools

The NV Insights Report is integrated into other Micro Focus test automation tools. The report may be viewed inside the tool, or exported as a standalone HTML file. For information on accessing the report from within your testing tool, see the product documentation.

Easy to share

This report is suitable for various audiences and is divided into multiple sections, enabling you or others to drill down and focus on specific interests. You download the report in a .zip file, making it easy to share.

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