Introducing Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization helps you to understand how slow networks affect your application's performance. It also shows you what you can do to optimize your application to improve client and server performance for better customer experience.

How networks impact applications

  • Do your customers complain that your application works slowly?

  • Are there timeout exceptions?

  • Has your application ever failed when moved to production, even though the application worked perfectly when tested under lab conditions?

  • Does your application suffer from non-reproducible issues?

These and other situations occur when an application is not designed to handle slow networks.

Example: Suppose your application server is located in New York, but the application itself is used by customers worldwide. There is inevitably a time delay in communication between the application client and server due to the physical distance of the extended network.

Because the QA team is based in New York close to the server, network impairments in the testing environment, such as latency and packet loss, are much less than those that exist in the "live" system. Therefore, QA results may not accurately represent the experience of customers around the world.

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Network Virtualization solution

Network Virtualization helps you identify network-related issues.

  1. Capture and emulate real-world network conditions by creating and running tests

    • test your application behavior under various network conditions
    • capture and emulate your application's network behavior
    • easily emulate worldwide networks using the out-of-the-box network database
  2. Identify network-related issues for business processes

    • observe if operations complete successfully

    • view and compare the time it takes for each operation to run over various networks

  3. Pinpoint possible root causes and suggest solutions

    • analyze performance results

    • view optimization recommendations for improving application performance

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How do I get started?

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