Search for information

You can search for an item globally or in the context of a grid or a tree.

Use the project global search

Use the global search to search across all areas of your current ALM Octane workspace.

To perform a global search:

  1. Click the search button in the ALM Octane toolbar.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Enter a string. You can click the menu button to limit your search to a specific module.
    • Enter the URL of a specific item.

      Tip: Use this option to open a specific item for which you received a notification by email. Copy/paste the URL into the Search bar instead of clicking it from within the email to avoid opening multiple ALM Octane tabs.

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Search in context of a grid or tree

If you want to search within a grid or tree (Application Modules or Requirements), use the Search in context capability.

Search in context is available from the grid toolbar or the tree toolbar.

For example:

To perform a context search:

In the grid toolbar or above the tree, in the Search in context or Search in field, enter the string. The grid or tree displays items matching the string.

Search in context is not available when the grid is grouped.

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