What's new in 12.60.41 (SaaS)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.60.41.


OData version 4.0 is supported in addition to OData version 2.0.

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Enterprise Agile

The following agile enhancements are now available:

  • You can now filter a feature's backlog items by Sprint and by Milestone.

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Integrations and Synchronization

The following enhancements are now available:

  • If ALM Octane is synchronized with a third-party application such as JIRA, and you manage your backlog outside ALM Octane, you can now see commit details for your backlog items in ALM Octane. This enables you to analyze recently changed areas, decide where to focus your testing efforts, and track the development of a specific backlog item. For details see Use commit message patterns to relate commits from JIRA to ALM Octane entities.

  • If you integrate with SonarQube, you can now see vulnerabilities from SonarQube in ALM Octane. For details, see Track security vulnerabilities.

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The following quality enhancements are now available:

  • You can now move a defect from one workspace to another within the same shared space. For details, see Report and track product defects.

  • You can now view previous runs for automated Gherkin tests.
  • When adding tests to a test suite, you can now select all the tests in the grid. In addition, we've added functionality to the Add tests dialog box, such as choosing columns, sorting the grid and searching tests.

  • You can now create test assignment rules directly from the Settings menu. This enables you to assign automated tests that match a filter you specify to specific application modules. For details, see Create and manage test assignment rules.

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The following administration and customization enhancements are now available.

  • When defining the custom file extensions that can be added as ALM Octane attachments, admins can also set whether ALM Octane validates the mime types. For details, see VALIDATE_MIME_TYPE_MATCH_TO_EXTENSION under Configuration parameters.

  • There are now two ways to remove list items: Deprecation and Deactivation. Deactivated items can be re-activated. For details, Modify a list.

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CI Pipelines

The following enhancements are now available:

  • You can now access the Pipelines module > Tests tab directly from the ALM Octane header.

  • You can now assign automated tests to application modules to view the test results in context. For details, see Test run details.

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IDE plug-ins

The following enhancements are now available for IDE plugins:

  • SSO support using SaaS federated accounts for the ALM Octane plugin for Visual Studio. This IDE plugin can now connect to ALM Octane using SaaS federated accounts.

    For details on connecting, see Work in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE .

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Changes in behavior

Note: The following changes are being implemented. These changes might necessitate some action on your part.

The ALLOW_WORKSPACE_USERS_CREATION configuration parameter will be deprecated in a future release. We recommend you start using Settings > Permissions instead. Until deprecation, if ALLOW_WORKSPACE_USERS_CREATION is false, you cannot create a user at the workspace level, regardless of your permissions.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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