Deploy the Mapping File to PPM and QC

After you have completed the mapping, use the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool to deploy the XML mapping file (ITGQCIntegration.xml) to PPM and to Quality Center.

Note: At certain times, you might need to manually edit or back up the XML mapping file. When you created the XML mapping file, it was stored either in the directory in which you installed the integration tool or in another directory that you specified (see step 14). If you do not know where the file is located, check the Windows registry. The path in the registry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OpenText\PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool.

Make sure you redeploy the mapping file to both PPM and Quality Center

To deploy the XML mapping file to PPM and Quality Center:

  1. Verify that the PPM server.conf parameters are as specified in step 2. Set the ENABLE_QUALITY_CENTER_INTEGRATION parameter to true.

  2. In the main window of the PPM-Quality Center Integration Tool, select File > Deploy to Centers.

    The Deploy Configuration File to Centers window opens, listing the URLs of the PPM and Quality Center servers to which the mapping file will be deployed.

  3. Click Deploy.

    The tool starts the deployment process. If any errors occur during deployment, a message is displayed in the window.

  4. When the deployment completes, a message indicating that deployment completed successfully is added to the Deploy Configuration File to Centers window.

  5. Click OK to close the window.

On the PPM Server, the mapping file is deployed to the <PPM_Home>/conf directory, where <PPM_Home> represents the path where the PPM instance is installed.

Note: In a clustered PPM environment, you must manually deploy the ITGQCIntegration.xml mapping file to all nodes that do not use a shared <PPM_Home>/conf directory. The integration tool cannot deploy the mapping file to multiple nodes.

As needed, copy the mapping file from the <PPM_Home>/conf directory on the computer on which the integration tool is installed to a convenient location or device (or select File > Save To in the integration tool and specify the location). Then copy the file to the <PPM_Home>/conf directory in the other nodes in the cluster.

On the Quality Center server (or servers), the mapping file is deployed to the <QC_Home>/repository/sa/DomsInfo/BTO directory, where <QC_Home> represents the path where Quality Center is installed.