PPM Modules

This topic describes the core modules in PPM and provides an example of how these modules work together to complete a project.

Core modules

PPM is composed of the following core modules. These modules are not used independently.

Demand Management

You use Demand Management to submit different types of requests, and have your requests go through processes (workflows) until they are resolved or approved.

For details, see Demand Management.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management provides tools to help you define the strategy, align your proposals, current projects, and established assets with your business strategy and thereby maximize the value of new initiatives.

For details, see Portfolio Management.

Financial Management

You use financial summaries to manage cost plans, capture actual costs and benefits, and track approved budget. You use financial data tables to track forecast and actual costs and benefits for any type of requests.

For details, see Financial Management.

Resource Management Resource Management provides an array of tools to manage personnel related to IT initiatives. You can set up roles and skills for resources, plan and track future resource capacities, and assign resources for current project and request executions.

For details, see Resource Management.

Project Management

Project Management enables you to initiate, execute, and track a project, making sure the project is completed within schedule and budget.

For details, see Project Management.

Program Management

When a business objective cannot be achieved by a single project, you use Program Management to group related projects, proposals, and assets together to collectively monitor them.

For details, see Program Management.

Time Management

When you are working on a work item (request, project, task, package, or other miscellaneous work), you use Time Management time sheets to report how long you work on specific work items.

For details, see Time Management.

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Use case example

When you use Project Management module to manage a project, you may also use Demand Management to track issues or risks occurring in the project, use Financial Management to define budget and track costs/benefits, and so on. The following is an example of how these modules work together to complete a project.

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