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What's new? For a list of new features and enhancements in PPM, see What's New in PPM 24.2.
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You can upgrade PPM to 24.2 from 2023 or any later version.

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System requirements and supported environments For system requirements and supported environments information, see System Requirements and Compatibility Matrix.
Integrations For details about the supported integrations with PPM, see PPM Integrations.
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Fixes For defect fixes included in PPM 24.2, see Fixes.
Known issues For known issues in PPM 24.2, see Known issues.


OCTCL44A Symptom Resolution
1202157 When some of the code in JS editor expands too long in the input area, causing it to wrap, the last few lines of the code becomes invisible. Fixed
1353027 Clicking Done on the Financial Summary page returns to the Edit Cost Page instead of the program details. Fixed
1404495 The Field Change History only records the "TO" value and does not record the "Change From" value. This issue occurs only when the field value length is longer than 100 characters. Fixed
1406343 The "Project #" in the "Linked Project" filter displays the project_id instead of the request_id, which it should show. Fixed
1408088 Cannot load auto-complete list data when the SQL in the validation ends with semicolon. Fixed
1409159 Borders appear for portlets on the portfolio overview page and the portfolio drill-down page even when the portlet is set to be border-less. Fixed
1411186 Quick search failed to locate a request for time sheet with the given request ID. Fixed
1416023 Failed to run the Delinquent Timesheet Report when "Include Child Org Unit" is set to Yes. Fixed
1416080 When logging into PPM in a multilingual instance with Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled, users may encounter a login page lock after selecting a language, preventing further progress. Fixed
1416083 The ksc_run_command_in_other_requests command cannot pass null values to subsequent requests. Fixed
1421248 Encountered an unknown error after login. Fixed
1422394 Drill-down portlet failed to display. Fixed
1426018 Excel reports do not show data. Fixed
1429204 Failed to configure load balancer server following the guidance of the documentation. Fixed
1429211 Lower performance may result from configuring incorrect values for connectTimeout in server.xsl and connection_poll_timeout in Fixed
1443053 When running in Cygwin, an error occurs with the message "CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long". Fixed
1442047 The throws the "java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: JiBX_bindingList" error. Fixed
1540377 The FILE_BASE column in the KVER_FILES table of the ITG Database is restricted to a maximum VARCHAR(50) length. However, the file being checked in exceeds the limit with 52 or more characters. Fixed
1587227 Data is not synchronized from Octane to PPM. Fixed
1593537 The personalize dashboard page does not respond, and the server log shows that the java.lang.NullPointerException occurs. Fixed
1613820 When starting PPM, if there are some Interrupted Executions, it throws the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.mercury.itg.core.service.impl.FeatureToggleFactory error. Fixed
1614059 Error messages are not displayed completely in the report log. Fixed
1619188 In PPM Doc, the RESTRICT_BYPASS_REQ_EXEC_TO_MANAGERS server.conf parameter description mentions the 'Manage Request' access grant which does not exist. Fixed
1617363 In the server.log, a security violation has been detected for URI of the HTTP Request: /itg/core/ and the invalid value: predecessorValue(lag_0). Fixed
1632226 The /useradmin/users/update REST API does not work properly. Fixed
1643886 Upgrade failed due to the "java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long" error. Fixed

Fixes in 24.1

OCTCL44A Symptom Resolution
1204671 Issues occur when opening unsubmitted time sheets. Fixed

When running reports in Spanish, the displayed content fails to appropriately fit within the window.


The External Request Info Sync Service consistently logs an error due to searching too many mapped requests with a long list, which ALM Octane cannot proceed.

1206152 Encounter a network error when trying to act on a request using PPM for Mobile. Fixed
1213107 Integration with SAML2 does not work. Fixed

Executing the ksc_clear_staffingprofile_forecast_assignment special command consistently uses the login user instead of the specified user, which leads to the command execution failure.

1310566 When executing a PL/SQL procedure in a command step, an error occurs with the "Special Command is not complete" message. This issue persists, which leads to the corruption of the request. Fixed
1310576 Unable to access the previously submitted reports of a certain report type after disabling that report type. Fixed
1349721 The timeout error (504) occurs when running HTML+ portlets. Fixed

Timeout error loading HTML+ portlets due to the unsupported character "_" in AWS application load balancer HTTP header.

1349943 When a validation is configured with hierarchical selection in data source filter, it causes a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error when accessing it in the Edit Preferences page of a portlet. Fixed

When adding an attachment in a PPM instance running on AWS, an error related to AWS credentials occurs, while the server can access the bucket manually and perform all operations successfully.

1350762 An error occurs when attempting SSH through the PPM environment from the KINTANA_SERVER, despite successful manual SSH and telnet to the server. Fixed
1350767 Issue during request type migration that migration preview fails, but actual migration is successful. Fixed
1350834 Users with non-English regional settings encounter problems when updating values in Unnamed Headcount on the Manage Pool Capacity page. Fixed
1351685 When trying to open the Personalize Dashboard or Configure Modules pages, the "ModuleAssetTree not defined" error occurs. Fixed
1351690 When a % field with decimals is exported to Excel, the field displays #NUM! instead of the actual number. Fixed

Using the "Request (New)" option in the reference section of a request to create a new request generates three entries in the "KCRT_REQUEST_DETAILS" database table. This leads to a display issue with three values in certain fields instead of the expected one.

1355059 SOAP requests return the "WSDoAllReceiver: security processing failed (actions mismatch)" error message after the upgrade to 23.4. Fixed

For a time sheet line that has a non-editable task activity, after making changes from the time sheet line's Line Details dialog box, that activity is missing.

1357023 Restricted users can still access reports of a specific type despite restrictions imposed by their security group. Fixed

Issues with importing table component from or exporting table component to Excel.


Time approver's delegate can view the time sheet that requires approval from the delegator, but is unable to add audit notes to the time sheet via web services.


Packages Workbench windows default to maximized, requiring users to manually restore each window to "stacked and tiled" windows. This is inconvenient for daily operations with multiple packages that need to be opened and tiled.

1360071 The execution log displays steps in an incorrect order. Fixed

A field, auto-filled by an SQL rule and made non-editable by a UI rule based on the value in another field, gets nullified after saving.


The dashboard drill-down page has the following issues:

  • Portlets don't collapse when content is less than 250px high.
  • Extra space between portlet title and first row.
  • Page is locked until all portlets load, hindering user interaction.
1361056 A user, initially not assigned to a task, reports time on the task as a contributor. After being directly assigned to the task, the user cannot log time on the task in a time sheet but must log time directly on the task. Fixed

HTML character entities, such as Ampersand, are encoded in the exported Excel and XML files from Web SQL Runner.