Scenario Comparison

Scenario Comparison is a tool that helps you decide investing on which set of projects, proposals, and assets can maximize your business objectives.

A scenario comparison contains the following:

  • Time range when the scenarios happen.
  • A group of proposals, projects, and assets you specify.
  • Three scenarios, each contains a different subset of those proposals, projects, and assets, representing three different investment plans.
  • Various charts to present the results of scenario comparison from perspectives such as cost, budget, and resources.
  • The scenario optimizer wizard that allows you to specify constraints and optimization parameters to identify optimal scenarios.

For detailed use of scenario comparison, read the following topics:

Note: Creating, viewing, and modifying scenario comparisons requires the Portfolio Management license, as well as particular access grants and access rights as described in the Portfolio Management Configuration Guide and Configure access rights for scenario comparisons .

If you need to perform a procedure described in this section, but you do not have the required access, see your administrator.