Updating an Associated Work Plan to Project Management (Microsoft Project-Controlled Mode)

You can update the associated Project Management work plan from a Microsoft Project file when Microsoft Project controls the work plan.

To update an associated work plan in Project Management from a Microsoft Project file:

  1. Open the project in Microsoft Project.

  2. Select PPM > Update PPM Project from Work Plan.

  3. The integration automatically performs resource mapping between applications. If resources in Microsoft Project cannot be automatically mapped to resources in Project Management, the Mapping Resources dialog displays.

    Note: Automatic resource mapping occurs upon the first synchronization or when a new resource is added to Microsoft Project. See Planned Information.

    Specify mapping for unmapped resources and click Finish. You can verify the automatic mappings, modify any of the automatic mappings, and specify any mappings for unmapped resources at a later time. See Manually map resources between applications for more information about the Mapping Resources dialog.

  4. The integration is completed when the Integration Complete dialog displays.

    Note: If a resource or task in Microsoft Project is deleted and that resource or task has actuals configured in Project Management or that task is required in Project Management, the integration fails. See Deleting Required Tasks or Tasks/Resources with Actuals for more information.

    From the Integration Complete dialog, you may choose to remove the association between the Microsoft Project work plan and the Project Management project.

    You can also click Show Info to view any informational messages, errors, or warnings that occurred while sending the work plan to Project Management. See Enable synchronization logs for information on how to enable full information tracing.

    Click Done to close the dialog.

By default, whenever you send a Microsoft Project file to Project Management, a backup copy of the .mpp file is automatically saved to the same directory in which the original file is stored, with the extension .bak. See Back up Microsoft Project files.